Battery Full Alarm Pro

Battery Full Alarm Pro

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Battery Full Alarm is the only fully featured app with Multiple options to warn you about Phone being Charged completely. Battery Full Alarm is the best way to save electricity and improve the battery life.

Battery Full Alarm is the best battery saver with the following way to warn of charge being full:

1. Receive a notification when battery is fully charged. Battery Full Alarm is like a Battery doctor to warn you at right time.
2. Play Battery Fully Charged sound by Battery Full Alarm.
3. Show Notification from Battery Full Alarm when charge is full.
4. Vibrate the phone with the help of Battery Full Alarm when your phone is fully charged.

You can also change the way you want to notify like by vibration , notification and alarm.
Battery Full Alarm is the best Batter defender by protecting it against excessive charges and there by defends the battery life.

NOTE: you can turn “Battery full alarm” app on while charging you battery so that it can notify you and also charge your battery with efficient way.

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