Highway Run – Car Racing


“Highway Run – Car Racing” is an free racing game that tests your reflexes and provides the car racers a lot of entertainment and fun. Highway Run tests how fast can you react when you come to know that a number of fast moving cars are heading your way on a busy highway. Does your reflexes serve you well in dodging those cars?
Your task is to avoid the accidents and earn maximum points by collecting the gold coins and the power ups. You can choose among three different types of cars. The movement of the car depends on the tilt of the device.

— Game Features in Highway Run Include: —

★ Car selection.
★ Tilt sensitivity selection.
★ Difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard).
★ Power Ups (invisibility, explosion, life).
★ Eye candy graphics.
★ Interactive background music and sound effects.
★ Nitrous.

And much more fun…
Enjoy the real fun of this cool exciting racing game now.


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